Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Craptastic: Berlusconi strikes again!

In the spirit of the impending holidays, Berlusconi and his minions decided to do something... un-grinch-like.

They distributed thousands of government approved €50 vouchers to less-fortunate families. The nation was shocked at this display of generosity.

And so it was, that families with empty bellies flocked to the Co-ops and Esselungas, with visions of their families and themselves seated around a loaded table this holiday season.  They packed their shopping trolleys to their hearts content and, still sporting those dazed looks upon their faces, they lined up to pay.

The clerks swayed their dance, scanning items one by one and stuffing them into bags. The lucky clients' smiles grew bigger with each beep the machine let escape. And when the total came up on the screen and the clerks' hands opened to receive payment, the happy clients' were already whipping out their vouchers.

Unfortunately for them, they didn't work. Every single gift card that supposedly carried a balance of €50 was, in fact, worth €0. Ah yes, the perverted perma-tan sporting international embarassment of a "leader" striked again.

Happy holidays everybody.