Wednesday, January 9, 2008

when the child turns into the parent

I was supposed to hang out with Pat this afternoon, after class. It didn't happen.

My dad called me and told me that it hasn't been getting any better with his wife (evil step-mom) and that they have decided to do a trial separation. I'm not quite sure how I feel.

I hate her. She's manipulative, controlling, arrogant and has the maturity of a 13 year old. I do, however, want my dad to be happy. Whatever happens.

So he's going to be living with me for a while. 5 days here, 5 days at his house so to see his daughter with his wife, Tess. Same for the evil step-mom, except there's no way she's getting anywhere near my place. No thanks. She'll probably stay with her parents.

He arrived about a half hour ago, and it's pretty awkward. I'm not quite sure what to say or do, except to keep feeding him Bombay tonics while I make supper.

I had wanted to spend more time with him before I left, but this isn't exactly what I had expected. I hope he'll be okay.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Not so bad Monday

I only ended up falling asleep around 5:00am, and lucky me, today was my first day back to "work".

"Work" as in my stage for school. I teach English. This week was supposed to be my last week but unfortunately they changed the schedule without telling me and I'll only be doing 5 hours instead of 10. Which means that next is week is (finally) my last week. Then I get my diploma and I can finally send it off to those interested parties in Asia.

That's right, project Monika Is Getting The Hell Away From The Cold is going full steam ahead. I'm going to Florence for about 1-2 months and then I'm off to Hong Kong. Contract is set to last anywhere between 12-18 months, and I'm really excited.

I was supposed to be going to Japan but NOVA, which was the school board that hired me, went bankrupt. Just my luck: the rarest of incidents in the Japanese business world and it just so happens to affect my life. *sigh*

Anyways, I taught my 1 hour class, and then went "shopping". I only get paid tomorrow and the NYE and xmas present purchasing debacles have left my bank account with the lovely sum of $7 or so. I did, however, have a gift card for Zara. So I bought a top, a clutch and a pair of tights.

That kind of cheered me up. I mean, after the 3 hours of sleep and the fact that it's v. v. foggy in Montreal today, I had the perfect excuse to be crabby. But not for long!

When I got home I found a UPS truck parked outside and the guy had something for me! It was the jumper I ordered from Urban WEEKS ago. I had been worried because UPS couldn't find my shipment and Urban's tracking system leaves little to be desired. I'm planning on wearing it to a vernissage on Thursday, you see.

This week is pretty busy social-wise:

Tonight: movies at casa de jeff
Tues: Ira + Blizzards for drinks
Wed: Pat + theater + drinks
Thurs: vernissage (it's a french word, means a gallery event)
Frid: Nova @ Jupiter room + my buddy seb is playing at salon daome
Sat: prob e.r.b.'s bday party
Sun: brunch w/neel + football + drinks at le pistol


Ohhh the block

I don't think I'm the only one suffering from this problem: writer's block. Almost every person in my blog "family": deb, sean, al, kyle, rob and the dorm boys, have suffered a great drop in posts. I think that gadfly may be the only one who still posts regularly.

I'm sorry. It's not as if I don't have the time, I sorta do, but the fact is I cannot think of a single thing to write about. I mean, I think I've covered it all as far as my life is concerned:

- work
- parties
- friends
- impossible situations only I can get myself into, which make you laugh
- broken heart (mine)
- parties
- shenanigans
- dating life
- ... did I mention parties?

Honestly, I must sound like the most self-centered woman in the universe (apart from the other billion women who write about themselves).

So where does this leave my blog, my long-suffering readers and I? Back to square one.

Therefore, tomorrow (meaning today because it is 1:06am), I will start to write again. Minimum of 2 posts a week. Love you guys.