Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holy shit. Wins are awesome but riots are not!

Holy crap. I shiver to think what will happen when we win the Stanley Cup... what? Oh yes, we WILL win the Stanley Cup. Stop trashing my city man! It's bad enough all those Americans come up north to drink, have one beer, can't handle it and puke all over the place. We don't need retards torching cop cars and trashing stores on top of that!

TRICOLORE JUSQU'AU BOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Round two here we come!

Monday, April 21, 2008


It's been a bumpy ride...

Social relationships here are very different from the ones back home. Obviously I knew this before hand, but I wasn't ready for the day-to-day business....

When you go to a job placement agency in Montreal, they find you a job right away! They call you, set up interviews.... Here you have to CHASE the agencies, if not they never EVER get back to you. You can smell the bureaucracy from a mile away. And it's everywhere:

- Shops
- Schools
- Offices

Now that our buddy Silvio is back in office for 5 more years, the political/social situation here has plummeted. I'd written a previous post about the political stance in Florence, and basically, all of Italy. Now I see it/live it day to day...and it's tough fitting in.

Also, just basic things that I took for granted in Montreal are lacking here. Like the freedom to walk home at 4am in going out clothes without getting bothered by anyone. Here, it's dangerous. You have to go to the washroom with someone when you're at a club. I'm used to being super independent, and I find this really retarded! I mean, wtf is wrong with the men here?

And also:

Women here have to fit into either one of these categories:


There is NO middle ground. Something I cannot really get used to. Actually, I will NOT get used to it. I will try to corrupt as many ladies as I have to. It's OKAY to have sex. Men do it and no one gives it a second though. Why can't we enjoy something that I completely natural and NORMAL without having 80% of the population putting us down (80% of the population is OLD. Old as in past 65 years old. OLD FARTS!)

Whew, that felt good. So yes, that's all for today, stay tuned for more ranting about social stupidities running rampant in Italy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

email correspondance with my mother

Salut Monika,

As-tu du temps samedi ou dimanche pour que nous « skypions » avec Dany et Max?

Ici à Montréal, le hockey est une fièvre incroyable. Il y a plein de gens qui portent le chandail des Canadiens. Presque toutes les voitures arborent le fanion du Canadiens ou les numéros des joueurs.

Vois le vidéo ci-joint sur le match d’hier soir.


Passe une belle journée!

Bisous XXXXXXX mom

Salut Maman,

Sunday is better for me as Saturday night = dancing so I won't be online... Unless we skype around 5pm my time = 11am your time on Saturday.

I watched the game last night (I had to wake up at 2am!) and I'm SO mad with the Habs for doing so well NOW and not when I was there sporting the bleu blanc et rouge! I've been running around Florence for the past 2 weeks wearing my jersey and/or hat and/or scarf and/or earrings and have been labeled a freak by the locals. It doesn't help that my favorite football team la Fiorentina is on it's way to glory and I'm the only person who shows up at the stadium with a fiorentina jersey and a habs hat.

Your sports-crazed daughter,