Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm back!...not really

May 17th. That morning, my grandma dies. 3 hours later, I get a call on my cell from Kat who's trying to console me. At the same time, my office phone rings, and its my boss. "Please come to my office" he says. They abolish my position at work because they're restructuring. I get 2 weeks pay and the monetary value of the vacation time that was owed to me. Security escorts me out of the building.

Things can't get worse right? Wrong. Me and Matt started seeing each other on St-Patties day. I find out he's cheating on me via Facebook. Nice.

I was pretty down for a few weeks. Elizabeth started Operation Get Monika Out Of Her Funk. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (drunken old men), it didn't work out so well.

But I got out of it. I filed for unemployment, and the party began. I haven't worked a day since then, not for lack of trying. I've gone out on average 6 out of 7 nights. I've met new people and made new friends. It's been awesome.

Since September I've been back at McGill, getting certified to teach English. I'm hoping that my contract comes through and if it does, I'll be off to Japan in January for 1+yrs. I'm turning 22 on Tuesday, and the ball has finally started rolling.

I'll try to post more often. I think the inspiration is coming back, and with the big move coming up, I'll have more funny stories to tell you guys. I've missed you.