Monday, March 12, 2007

fake hiatus

So I haven't written in a while...

Wanna know why?


Life is just going on as it always does...

On the 3rd was Nuit Blanche, where the city has HUNDREDS of parties from 10pm until 10am. Shuttles are arranged to network between clubs and venues. Pretty sweet.

I only hit one venue that night, unlike the other years. I went to nuit électronik (like piknic, I wrote about it in January) because my FAVORITE artist of ALL FREAKIN TIME was going to spin for 4+ hours:

James Holden

I love him. Not in a sexual way, but his music... I feel it in my bones. He's the only artist who makes me lose myself.

The floor was PACKED. I mean, 4 people per sq.ft. It was crazy. I pushed and shoved my way up to the stage where he was spinning (which started at 3am, there were other DJ's + an ipod battle prior to his set). I lost it. I was dancing like mad, oblivious to everyone around me. Somewhere along the way I lost the gang: Jules, Waynage, Eva, Brian, Ira and John.

I was about a foot away from him. It felt like he was playing just for me, that he knew how my body and head worked, and he played on that.... it was crazy.

I threw him a note (and managed to do it without the security guy noticing) saying:
"James, I found out who you were in 2003, when you released A Break In The Clouds. Thank you so, so, so so much for adding such amazing music to my life. Don't stop. Monika"

Yes, like a big nerd, I wrote the note hours before, with a mind to get it to him somehow.

He looked at it and smiled at me, and just kept doing his thing. 30 minutes later, A Break In The Clouds could be heard, faintly at first, the old tune fading into the brighter one. He winked at me and I almost died. He's like my bloody idol.

It was the best musical night of my life, apart from when I saw him when I was in London. It was orgasmic. I could feel the music moving me, moving the whole crowd.

That was my nuit blanche. Around 6:30am me and my friend Tom went to another party, and then on a whim, we went to a friend's cabin in Vermont. It was a tiring weekend...

Friday: got plastered with my friend phil at my place, slept about 2 hours
Saturday: nursing horrible hangover, went to nuit électronik.
Sunday: nuit électronik, Vermont for drunken cross-country skiing (I don't recomend it by the way), drunken talks by the fire fueled by boozed-uo hot chocolate, home around 9pm.

This past weekend was very very relaxed, apart from Friday night when I went to a pub with some of the boys to celebrate Matt's bday. Did I mention? We're friends now... And I'm starting to feel like everything is going to be okay.

Next week I start my bartending course. So as well as working 9-5 Monday to Friday, I'll have class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights 6-9.

The wheels are in motion.