Monday, August 28, 2006

weekend: supper, sex, and grades

So Thursday night I went to see the Montreal Alouettes play against Calgary. Mr. B (Kat knows, the harrassment at work representative) gave me two tickets because he had a meeting he couldn't cancel. Actually very nice of him. That doesn't mean that I'll DO THINGS as a payback. Nooooo fucking way.

Anyways, me and CG were having a date anyways, and so we went together.

I know nothing about "football"... I'm a hockey fan. I know the Al's wom the Grey Cup like 2 years ago or something, and that they're very good, or something... Dan too. So we were copying everyone (i.e. chearing players' names, etc). Had a few beers, chilled. And it was really nice.

Then we went out for drinks at O'Regan's, which I haven't gone too since March (it was me and Matt's pub), then to Brutopia, for some excellent live music. The band had a perchant for James Taylor, and it was all I could do but sing loudly along with a group of revellers.

And CG wasn't embarassed. Lucky me =)

Anyways, I hadn't eaten all day, and after 4 pints + G&T + beer at game, I was pretty buzzed. So was CG. So we hoped a cab and went to my place. We moved the TV into my room to watch a movie in bed, but uhh, we didn't make it past the opening credits.

Not because we were asleep. *wink wink*

I had to work in 3 hours, so we slept, then I left him sleeping to go to work. Bastard! I was like a zombie all day, then he called and told me I was impressive, because he slept until noon and was still tired. Humph.

Saturday I had a dinner thing with CG, Kat & Eric, and Alex and his girlfriend who I've met once at the World Cup end, and who is spanish and speaks only french (other than spanish, but I don't speak it).

I made fondue because it the poor person's dinner party choice menu. I also bought fish! I forgot. Yeah, a small tank, like 10gallons, and two little baby goldfish. Well, one is orange and the other one is black with poped out eyes.

The dinner was good cause it got CG & my best buds (K&E) to meet and greet. And he loved them! And eric just texted me saying that CG gets a A+. =)

Everyone except CG left after (for a wedding), and us two just sat around, listening to music, talking, etc. Then we went to bed. =)

Sunday I did nada. I took a three hour bubblebath, read, listened to music, and just relaxed.

Now I'm back at work, pinning for the weekend (which is three days actually, monday is labour day). 4 days left!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


yeah well, not much has been going on lately...

Gianluca left last night, he called me a few hours ago to tell me that he made it to Firenze ok, the only hitch is that they confiscated his lip balm. Dry lips for 10hours is no laughing matter!

Especially considering how popular he is with the girls, after all, he IS in a band. I've dated many musicians, even some who were not even remotly my type...there's something about a man and music... both are sensual and attract me so...

I tried to get him laid but most of the girls I know are on vacation. Poor him.Not to say that Gianluca is bad looking...he's very's just weird for me to think of him in any other way than my cousin...we're very very close, kind of like bro/sis relationship.

Like when I was in Firenze, his friends were constantly hitting on me. And he'd say stuff like, you touch her I hurt you, don't even think of my cousin like that, etc. Which is kinda nice...

One: Because it made me feel loved...we don't hug or kiss on the cheek or anything, we just pat each other on the back

Two: because his friends were still little boys, perverts, and I would not touch them in a sexual way, EVER. Also, they acted their age (17-18) which is NOT a good thing.

On my last night, we went to Central Park, which is a nightclub with a big courtyard in the back. Gianluca would normally not go to clubs, but I love them so he did it to please me (awww). We went with his friends Vu, Massimo and Andrei. We also saw my cousin Alessio there.

Anyways, we all had fun, dancing and drinking. We left around 2am, cause we had to be up at 6am (ugh) for my flight. I kissed everyone goodbye (you know, typical cheek-cheek thing) and Massimo (who is not much of a looker: he's 5'8, kinda tubby, no signs of facial hair to come, wearing this rediculous Playboy Bunny around his neck) grabbed me (he was surprisingly strong) and kissed me. I was shocked and freaked out. Then he grabbed his necklace, and in a fit of passion, tore it off his neck, put it in my hand with the greatest care and said: "Cosi non ti dimenticherai di me!" Which means: So that you will not forget me.

Jesus christ, get me out of here is what came to my head. When he tried to kiss me again, I was able to kinda lunge to the side and avoid the kiss. But he still got a pretty good feel of my boobs on him, I mean, I could hardly breathe!

Gianluca thought I was enjoying myself, thats why he didn't come to my rescue. When I told him the truth thought, he was pretty pissed. I just laughed. It was so absurd, the drama and all...

Boys will be boys right?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So I moved on friday.

It was also the day of my office's summer party. Our Toronto & Ottawa offices joined us for it at my boss' summer house, and he wasn't too happy to hear that I wasn't coming. Well, after his assistant pleaded with him on my behalf (I love her!) I got off the hook.

Around 9:30am, Gianluca and my mum & step-dad (Dany) showed up. Mum and Dany brought a trailer with them, thank god, and we took apart my bed, and packed up most of the big stuff. It was a pain in the ass, considering I was living on the third floor.

Anyways, after about an hour and a half, we drove to my new place (which is a 5 min car ride away). I'm now living on the 4th floor, BUT! there's an elevator! YESSS

We were dying of heat and exhaustion, and eric and kathryn finally showed up. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel! We got all the stuff inside the apartment, and then went back for the last of my stuff.

Cas met us at my place, we got everything, and went back to my place. Dany was putting my bed together and he and my mum told me off because of the way that me and Kat built it last time...but what they don't realize is that we had moved all day, and it was like 11pm when we did my bed, and we also has to do Kat & Eric's after. So... it's a good excuse!

Anyways, mum and Dany left cause they had to pack (they're in Mexico this week, bastards!) And Cas went home (he had a wedding the next day) and Kat, Eric, Gianluca and I went to Cosmo's for "lunch/breakfast" They went home, and I unpacked most of my stuff. Actually, it was all unpacked and put away except for my books in my room...for some reason I'm really not feeling doing that...

Around 8pm Cas called, he was playing poker, and wasn't going to come. By this time, the boys weren't comming until quite late because of a shortstaff prob with hockey, work, dates, etc. I was kinda bummed. But then CG called. =D

yada yada yada

I did absolutely nothing on Sarurday, other than grocery shop and notice that I had $25.67 in the bank until next pay date (the 31th) =(

Sunday me and Gianlu met up with our second cousin Vanessa (gorgeous) and it was nice to sorta talk....we never were close with her, the way we are together.

Then I went home, cleaned a bit....CG called =D.... I went to bed....and then work started.

So...I'm supposed to have the "christening" of my new apartment on Saturday or Friday... we'll see and I'll keep u guys posted.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Moved in


I moved in on Friday. I'll elaborate tomorrow, work had been bloody crazy, don't have a minute to myself. I can't write when I get home cause I don't have the internet (lack of money, it cost me $37 dollars for 7 MOTHERFUCKING BOXES. DAMN YOU U-HAUL) Also, my laptop has gone haywire, 13 HOURS BEFORE I WAS GONNA GET MY BACK-UP HARDDRIVE =(

Me an Cool Guy (hereafter known as "CG") hung out friday night ;D

I called him on sunday night and he's all "I really had a good time on Friday. Can't wait to see you" I'm still smiling like a maniac.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

cripes, my saturday, rated M parts not included

There was this party.
On Saturday.
Cas invited me, and it was Mitch's bday too.
So we went.
Met cool people.
Met cool guy who I talked to and hung out with.
Made out with cool guy.
Cool guy wanted my number.
Was very very drunk at this point.
Gave him number.
Was too drunk to walk home.
Ran into (literally) drunken Cas in hallway who announced he would go home with me.
Cool guy did not appreciate.
I laughed.
A lot.
I couldn't stop laughing.
I told cool guy that "Cas wishes".
Cas says "Home not sex!" and falls over laughing.
Cool guy happy.
Cool guy puts his number in my phone.
Cool guy insists on giving me $20 for a cab. I'm all "AWWW" and smooch, etc.
Cas and me stumble for a block.
Cas and me get into a cab.
Cas and me can't stop laughing.
Everything is spinning.
Cas is trying to take pictures but his camera is off.
Crawl up the stairs.
Burst in apartment, laughing really hard (according to Greg)
Mumble for about 5 minutes, laugh and hoot my way into the doorframe.
Keep missing door (aparently this lastd about 10 seconds)
Fall in bed.

A hell of a night.

Oh, I'm moving friday, and am having a "party" afterwards. I won't have had a chance to unpack so it should be interesting.

Monday, August 14, 2006

because I CAN steal it from her

1. My middle name is Kim

2. I'm shaved

3. only piercings are my ears, but I have 2 tatoos. (btw: DEB! How's mine coming along?)

4. Always was a right handed girl

5. I have given lapdances. I have also received proffessional lapdances.

6. I am mortally afraid of spiders

7. I grew up playing with my teenage mutant ninja turtle dolls and super mario

8. my hair once reached my knees, I would often get stuck to chairs, etc.

9. I'm a self-taught "shoe-obsessive"

10. I'm usually attracted to sarcastic, funny, sweet men

11. I went to college at 16

12. I love guinness more than deb, because I've mentioned it so many time b4, and I pulled my own pint when I was in dublin HA!

13. I've dated 1 girl (7 months) and hooked up with uhh... *counts* do threesomes count?

14. I have a scar on my ankle where a fire door hit me, pinning my foot in steel for over an hour, when I was 6.

15. At 9-10 I was playing hockey in the street, my stick got caught and I got winded. They had to give me CPR cause I passed out.

16. I've had a lot of sex

17. I haven't been laid in 6 days

18. I'm a womanchild

19. I laugh really loudly when drunk, and sometimes can't stop laughing

20. I'm lonely

21. sometimes I look at myself and wish I was better

22. I have problems budgeting

23. I wish I was taller

Friday, August 11, 2006


I'm back.

And I'm tired.

We (me and gianluca) took the train there. If that wasn't bad enough, when we got to the train station on Monday morning, where the train was supposed to leave at 9:50am, we found out that a train derailed near uhh whats it called...This town in NY...starts with an "A"...huh It'll get back to me.

So we had to take a bus to the town, and then the train to nyc. After 3 hours at the border, bus + train, we finally made it to Penn around 9pm. 12 hours!

I'm too lazy to get into details, but what happened was: touring, eating, sex with a fireman, touring, sleeping, eating, shopping, cupcakes at magnolia bakery, sleeping with fireman.

Ooops, did that slip in? yes, I slept with a fireman. He picked me up outside the Hostel on the upper west... we went to central park, it had been a month since i'd had action, he was really sweet, I jumped him, and then we ended up doing it in the firehouse *grins* tee hee

I've posted all the pics I've taken (in my defence, i kept forgetting to take out my camera).

Saturday, August 5, 2006


I've sublet my apartment today

I've found a big 3.5 near where I am now, on the top floor of this nice high-rise, with a big balcony, high ceilings, hardwood floors, big bedroom, everything renovated. The view is killer.

Greg can go fuck himself for all I'm concerned. I'd been getting home around midnight most nights, running around town looking for somewhere to live, sleeping about 3 hours a night because I was so stressed, only to have him tell me :"wow I'm so tired, I slept 15 hours" cause he quite his job.

He can BURN IN HELL, as far as I'm concerned. I'm leaving for NYC on Monday, and am meeting Morgan from Overheard for a pint with Gianluca. That's it. Sorry I haven't answered comments, etc, I've just been too busy.

PS: Thanks Rob for your sweet email, you made me tear up.... It's nice to know that I've got people to turn to =)

PPS: I didn't reply cause Hotmail seems to hate me at the moment.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

about to be homeless

Fucking asshole greg came back from his vacation Sunday night at 11pm, and announced that he's moving to BC in two weeks because he found a job.

So now I have to either find a roommate or sublet the apartment and find another place to live.

I'm sorry if I haven't posted in a while, but I'm busy trying to find somewhere to live.

Mother FUCKING ASSHOLE doesn't even feel bad.

I fucking HATE HIM more than ever.

I hope he gets fired asap and ends up on the street and then gets HIV from some crack whore, while he huffs turpentine in a vain attempt to make his problems go away.


Now because of him I can't go camping OR to new york. I told him so and HE DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING CARE.

I hope he fucking burns in hell.