Thursday, June 29, 2006

my third arm

I was reading Bailey's blog about his relationship with music, and it got me to thinking about how my life would be like without it.

Boring. As. Hell. I wouldn't know how to dance, how to love, how to deal with pain, how to stay away from men who are cheesy, how to be independent.

How to be happy.

Also, I would probably have forgotten many moments in my life which make me me.

Like, the Fine Youg Cannibals. My dad had the tape, and we used to listen to it on max volume in his old '81 Jetta, singing in tonedeaf-ness oblivion. That was before he met my evil step mom. After that, we could never listen to music. If we did it was "I have a headache" or the Spice Girls. It was hard for me, I grew up with Led Zep, FYC, The Beatles... Not some pop crap. Ew much.

I also remember, growing up, I was the only white kid on our street, and I would stand on top of cardboard mats, wearing leggings, flat white Reebox sneakers or British Knights and neon pink legwarmers over them, trying to breakdance while listening to UB40's Sweat. We also did the same with MC Hammer and Salt 'n Peppa, Coolio...

I remember when me and dad moved to Westmount, and our ceilings were over 20 feet high, and I'd lie on the hardwood floor in the living room, and listen to Midnight Oil, Talking Heads and Donovan while trying to reach for the sky.

Music is such a big part of my life. It's made friendships tighter (me and kat and queen). It's made me deal with pain when my heart got broken (repeatedly), it's made me laugh.

Specific songs make me think of specific people. My Humps, Black Eyed Peas: that's Kathryn. Only You, 112 feat Biggie & Puff: Destin. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Led Zep: Chris. Beds are Burning, Midnight Oil: My mom. Sowing the Seeds of Love, Tears for Fears: my step-dad Dany. Dazed & Confused, Led Zep: Eric. The Beatles: Ballads: every song from that record makes me think of my Dad.

Movies about music...Pink Floyd: Live in Pompeii, I know this sounds cheesy but Save the Last Dance as well. I remember wanting to get up and dance in the theater when I saw it, and subsequently bought the CD.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dinner Party

Jonny's friend Zack, druuuuuuuunk

Cheers! More shots of Jameson

Scott was angry cuz Shawn kept pouring and making him do shots (see Shawn's smirk)

The piece de resistance

Scott, Kristina, Jonny (sex was one of the courses)

It was a success! Bloody good fun actually.

We were 7, and had 6 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of Jameson, and 1 bottle of dessert wine.

THEN we stumbled to the pub, for yet more drinking.

Note: I'm not pictured, because I was pissed drunk and wouldn't relinquish the camera. I also woke up with Shawn in my bed, both of us fully dressed (we didn't have sex, we just slept, lol) He was more drunk than me, but insisted on walking (stumbling) me home, but then sat on my bed and passed out cold. I followed suit. Hell of a night!

Monday, June 26, 2006



The Dormitory Boys put my link of their eggroll! I mean blogroll!

I'm so flattered =D


Oh my god.

I got a threatening letter from the government saying that I owe them $767.41

Why? Why?

Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Don't have $767.41

My accountant is on vacation until the 15th of July, and in their pompous letter they say that if I don't pay them right away, they'll charge me interest!

Why? Why? Why?

And my Nonna (grandmother in Italian) just called me because aparently my cousin Sabrina saw me on St-Laurent blvd on Saturday night (the street was closed because of the Formula 1 race, so clubs spilled onto the streets in manner of big party) and I was dressed like...uhh well... I had a v. short skirt, high top and v. high heels (clubbing wear!). Anyways, she told her ma, who told her ma, who told my Nonna, who called me and told me off because aparently nobody will marry me if I dress like a whore.

In my defense, I wasn't dressed like a whore, I was CLUBBING.

Anyways, she said I should think about the Virgin Mary (did I mention I'm an atheist?).

No. of reflections about the meaning of the virgin birth: 0
No. of years since self was virgin: hmmm

3 day weekend overall

Friday: Slow.

Saturday: Slow, then fast, then FUN!

Sunday: Fast, faster, fast, chilling, slow.

Yeah I know, I'm lazy, I haven't decided what I should write about.

Rupert Watch:

Days since saw him: 7
No. times he's called: 0 (poor)
Number of times called cell to check if it was still working: 5 (v. bad)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beer fest pics, posted ridiculously late

Me and Ray (I'm sooooo drunk)

Ray playing guitar

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gettin' jiggy with it

Nanananananana, nananananana gettin' jiggy with it.

Okay okay. I know, we're sad. BUT, in my defense (not Greg's) I'm tired, don't wanna dress like a slut to go out and am poor.

Stage 2, Round of 16


FORZA AZZURRI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

what is that!? DON'T TOUCH ME WITH IT!


I saw my buddy Mike last night. He's visiting from Sicilly for 1 week... What a waste of money!

He has a boy-toy in Palermo (they have to be very hush-hush about it, people aren't up to date), but had some fun before coming to meet me "To relieve myself from stress" he says. "hmm" says I.

We went to Starbucks just down the street from my place. Everything was fine, we ordered our non-fat, no-whip, can't-figure-out-what-I-ordered-by-the-end-of-it coffee, and went to sit outside.

Then something happened.

I'm not homophobic by any means. Mike's like my brother. I mean, I broke a kid's nose when we were kids because he was making fun of Mike and calling him a pouf. He deserved it, little bastard. I have lots of gay friends.

I would have had the same reaction if say, Kathryn pulled the same shit on me. It was so horrible... Deep breaths. Okay, here I go.

He coughed...A lot. Like he was choking. In fact, he was doing the same thing that cats do. Hacking.

Now, remember how I said he has "fun" before meeting me? (Lucky bastard! What about ME!?) Well:

He finally stuck his fingers in his mouth, and removed a clump of say, about 6-7 long, curly, thick hair. Upon closer inspection (he did it) it was revealed that the clump was composed of pubic hair.

Long. Thick. Black. Curly. Pubic hair.

His "fun" man's pubic hair.

What the hell? C'mon guys, if I have the GUTS to go to the estitician once every few weeks, and get most of it waxed off, can't you do the same? Can you at least TRIM the goddamned jungle??!!

This clump of alien pubic hairs wasn't what shocked me into saying the "DON'T TOUCH ME WITH IT" line. It was what unfolded next.

He proceeded to pick it up by using 2 straws and coming VERY CLOSE to my face with them. He thought it was funny. He's all "C'mon, you've touched men's pubes before, I KNOW this for a fact" I'm all "Yeah but I didn't swallow a jungle, hack it up over coffee with a friend hours later, and try to touch my friend with it. They are ALIEN pubic hairs".

So great was my distress, that when the clump made a too-close-for-comfort pass by my cheek, I jumped up, and sprayed an innocent (cute) bystander. Not on purpose mind you (I swear).

He had overheard the convo, and was sympathetic to my cause, even enough to forgive the coffee shower, and to tell Mike to leave me alone. Mike asked him to join us, which to my surprise he did. He was v. cute actually. Mike was shamelessly whoring himself out to him (his name is Rupert, like Rupert Friend! *drool*) , and I was sure he way gay. I mean, cute, takes care of his body, well dressed, as big a fan of Dan Savage as we are, and I thought he was flirting back with Mike. So I felt like a third wheel.

When I announced my departure, he looked sad, and then said he'd walk me home (mind you, I live 1 block away, I told him so). Mike looked crushed, but his pubic-hair-shedding-shag called him up for a replay. So we said goodbye. I was a bit embarrassed because I had tears in my eyes when Mike and I said goodbye, we might no see each other for months.

Rupert walked me home, was a total sweetheart, and I kissed him on the cheek. He asked for my number, which I (alfter stopping myself from jumping up and down screaming YES! YESSSSSSSSS!) graciously supplied.

When he left, I did a dance in the lobby of my building, only to be caught by Crazy Lady's psycho Crazy Husband. He asked if he could join.

Why me? Why? Why? After I unlocked the door I made a run for it. Only when I closed my door and put the chain on did I feel safe from dirty paws of Crazy Lady's Husband.

Hell of a night.

Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup fever

I have only missed 1 game so far (Germany vs Poland). I've seen every other match live.

How? I've got this program on my cpu at the office that plays the live games direct from ESPN2. I know I should be working, but it's my favorite sport, which I follow all year long, and it's my right! I spend more of my time watching the Italian, South American and British national football (and by football I mean it by the real term, not "soccer" as dubbed by Americans) leagues than anything else.

My pics are:


When I watched the game on Saturday (ITALY vs USA), I had my family from Florence live on my laptop thanks to Skype. So we could all discuss while we watched.

I know, Zaccardo scored in our net. It was a stupid mistake, and now had 99% of the worlds Italians wanting to kill him.


We scored a goal.

The USA did not. Not one. They have not scored a single goal in this tournament.

I rest my point. We had to GIVE them a goal in order to get them a POINT. If it wasn't for Zaccardo, they would be eliminated. HAHA!

Another thing, the goal that was "offside" made by Gattuso was good! Even the announcer saw it on the replay. WTF?! The one made later by the USA was blatantly so, but not ours. *sigh*

I can't wait for the 3pm game, Spain is playing!

Also, tonight is Game 7 for the Stanley Cup Finals. Tonight is the night! GO OILERS! If they play as well as they played on Saturday, it'll be a piece of cake! GO BOYS!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spinning round and round and round....

I am so wrecked. I went to the Orchard last night, and ran the highest tab in my history of going there. I was so drunk. Soooooo drunk.

I met this guy Colin who has moved here from Scotland (no, nothing romantic about it, we were talking about his wife a lot, aparently she's a sweetheart =D ). Then we watched Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and THANK GOD the Oilers won. We still have hope to win the cup!

Destin came to meet me, and thought it was funny to poke me, although I don't remember much... I think he walked me home.


Anyways, I woke up with a really bad baaaaad hangover. I feel like I'm going to die. I usually drink a lot of water when I have Guinness, so that I reduce the pain the next morning. But I forgot.

I'm so hungover =(

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

mid-week disapointment

I've been working like crazy at the office.

I've been working on a special project with my boss for over a month now, and have worked 13 hour days, nothing special.

Yesterday though, I was in the office at 8am, and left at 8pm. I also did not have a lunch break. I am DYING. I rushed like a mad woman all day yesterday, and was in the office this morning at 7am.

And then I got the call. The client's assistant. He's decided to cancel our meeting (which was going to take place in 3 hours) and said he'd be in touch at the end of the summer.

Fucking wanker.

All that work, and for what? The things we canvassed in the motherfucking 300 page report will be sold by that time. And Ill have to start all over again.

Last night, as I waited for my boss, I found a step machine on Craigslist, for $30!!! I found one in an online stores for over $100!!! Talk about a sale. So I called up the lady, agreed to go see it at 9pm, and asked Greg to give me a ride (as payment I had to make him his Kraft Dinner *yuk*). I got there just as these two guys were loading up a bbq. Apparently, it was a double hit night for Craigslisters! The lady, Cindy, said she tried to time it so that we would all get there at the same time and meet. She was hoping to make a missed connection. Lol!

The bloody thing weighs a ton! I dragged it up the 2 flights of stairs, while Greg laughed at me. He got fed up (I was blocking the stairs) and picked it up and brought it in the apartment. Thanks a lot buddy.

Tonight is my weekly Old Orchard hang out night. Actually, that's a lie, because I go Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Wow. That's a lot, come to think of it.

Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA with my dad and picking up my table and 4 chairs, and a couple of pretty serving dishes. We're then heading back to my place for chinese. I think it's going to be the first time in 8-9 years that we've spent more than 2 hours together. Alone. Without his wife.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The New World

I just finished watching The New World. I wasn't sure about it at first, I was kind of put off with the idea of another telling of Pocahontas.

I was so wrong.

It is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. A real treat. Not only for the eyes, but for the ears as well. James Honer wrote the soundtrack, and it's beautiful.

The story... The emotion... It truly is a beautiful movie. I was in tears most of the time. Happy tears, sad tears.

It got me to think, that I will probably never experience love like that. People were so committed to each other... They stuck with each other, for better or worse, until the problems, if any, were resolved.

They lived simply... There weren't so many rules for dating, and conduct, and dress. You could be yourself. You could

I wish that I can maybe be blessed with that kind of unconditional love someday.

Although I'm not holding my breath. And why should I? There are thousands and thousands of prettier, smarter, funner girls than me out there, and I seem to only attract older men, and blatant assholes. Men who just want to use and abuse, not learn and grow.

But, it's because of me. It's always been me.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

bloody rain


After the Miu Miu crazy purchase which has left my bank account reeling and go into hiding (it's licking it's wounds), me and Jonny have decided to have a dinner party.

I've sold my couch to a nice lady (she's coming to pick it up tonight) because it was pointless to have it lying around in the dining room, neglected and shunned (it hasn't forgiven me for preffering Greg's shmancy fancy Bahaus couches). With that money, I shall prance (most probably not) to IKEA and get a table and 4 chairs. An extendable tabel, no less.

I had a bad day at work yesterday, and went to the pub 4 hours earlier than usual (5:30pm) and proceeded to get v. drunk, v. fast. But that's okay 'cause Jonny was bartending and I was at the bar, so I wasn't hit on by creeps.

Shawn (the other bartender) was there. He's v. cute and I have discovered (annoyingly) that I have a crush on him. I have not had a crush in many many years (high school *shiver*). I feel like a total retard, but what can ya do. We are friends and that's how it's gonna stay. He left after a while, and me and Jonny got down to business.

The grand affair will be on June 22nd. I've taken the afternoon off. And I have a doc appointment the next morning so I can be sorta hungover.

The menu shall be (tentative, I'm poor):


Spicy Gazpacho.
Grilled mango wrapped in prociutto.
Seared scallops with lemon thyme.
Smoked mussels (maybe).
Freshly shucked oysters.


Osso bucco.
Mushroom risotto.
Seared greens in a rosemary-balsamic coulis.


Some kind of sorbet (lemon, raspberry).
Port served in little chocolate shot glasses.

Okay, there is no denying that the final tally will be of around $150, BUT we will be making a wine list and out three guests will HAVE to buy 2 bottles EACH at LEAST.

Stingy bastards.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

lame excuse

Okay, okay.

I know! I'm sorry, it's been a week almost...which is the longest interval between posts I've had, so chiiiillllll.

To be honest, stuff has been going on, but I don't really feel like writing about it.

I'm crazy busy at work, I just spent 400 bucks on a pair of Miu Miu shoes, and I got so drunk at the beer fest last friday that I forgot my name when this cute guy asked me out.

Ah well.

I'll post something more coherent later, but here's a tidbit:

Last thursday, Cas made me go to bingo with him. And it was scary, stressful, but fun in a sad way. It's like the bingo people are their own type of community: really fat, really old, and with their own brands of specialized comfort-grip equiped Bingo Pens thingies.