Thursday, August 25, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

....Is it friday yet? Seriously, I've had about 4 cups of coffee and my eyes are still having trouble staying open. Maybe I've developed a tolerence to coffee? I'll have to increase my intake of the stuff.

I tried out this new thing (actually, it's like a year old...but anyways) it's called Google Earth. It's crazy! I can see my office and everything...and people walking down the street. Next thing ya know, we'll be able to type someone's name and it'll show us their location. A bit invasive if you ask me.

Other than that...I haven't done much the past few days...Well, of course I've been working during the day, but every night this week has been spent watching Sex & the City re-runs and drooling at the clothes. Quite depressing actually.

I have to visit my parents on Sunday...ugh...why is it that as soon as you get out of their house, into your own gem of an apartment (no matter how doggy it is) and out of their face, they can't get enough of you, and then proceed to reduce you to shame by guilt tripping you into non-existance. I don't get it. They want you out, then they don't want you out....make up your damn mind, we are not human yo-yos.

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